“Really slick. First class stuff. Great tunes. All the solos are easy smooth and not show off shit. Everybody is one for the music on this record. There is a tremendous amount of dedication and surrender to the music here as the band moves as one collective through the orchestral nature of this music… a very colorful and emotional musical trip... There is no one player that is better than another, they all together make the great musician who plays this music..."- Johnny Vidacovich on "Snapshot".

"A Smörgåsbord of the moods and nuances that make up the human experience... an idiosyncratic album that intrinsically fuses the personal to the universal...most listeners will empathize with this introspective music, as showcased by the interplay of his pluralistic ensemble...Their simpatico contributions create a rich and cohesive listening experience, in which each voice adds greater depth and texture...spirited brass fueled excursion...minimalist...deceptively understated yet vital touches that embelish...stylistic sophistication in Cortiñas' arrangements...propulsive rollicking drum solos...dramatic..."-Lissette Corsa - Jazziz Magazine.

"This nine song program sheds a light on the many and varied talents of Gustavo Cortiñas... gives pause to admire the musical skills, taste, touch and compositional acumen of a fine musician. Cortiñas creates music that's driving ("Timing Is Everything"), episodic ("Skepticism") and straightforward ("Hanaki"). He can swing with the best of them, but he's not bound to the swing pulse. He's just as comfortable twisting and turning in other directions as he is delivering the old spang, spang-a-lang on his ride cymbal."-Dan Bilawski - AllAboutJazz.

"picking up new things in different places along the way and blending them together into something personal and unique... Snapshot features really well written music with a melodic beat, excellent individual performances, and it's rewarding to listen to."-Greg Simmons - AllAboutJazz.